When creating this series I envisioned seeing the traces left behind from another world, time or civilisation. Just to convolute things a little further, I wanted to create a sense that the discoveries from this other world were records they'd discovered from another fallen world. So, I set forth to build a series of images using an assortment of experimental photographic and darkroom techniques with a desire to build images that imply a layered history. 
This is my interpretation of the series; an archeological dig uncovers the artifacts of a mysterious civilisation (perhaps here on earth, perhaps some time in the future on an interplanetary voyage). The remnants indicate a population sufficiently advanced in technology and philosophy to be enquiring about the nature of their world and to maintain records of their discoveries. Somewhat alien and ambiguous, this civilisations record keeping is hard to interpret. What is shown here is a collection of artifacts found in a derelict record room maintaining data that this civilisation collected when they themselves discovered a lost civilisation, alien outpost or some such thing. The images are records the long lost people made of items discovered and could be scientific equipment, records of monitor displays representing communication systems, items of technology and life support systems. Due to the esoteric nature of the images though, this is open to interpretation and conjecture. Most of the records are quite deteriorated, and many items look as though during the passing of time they have been compressed together, leaving imprints and stains. It's hard to say if the imprints are from the original records pressed together or if it's from the notes of the record takers sticking to the documenting images. It's probably a combination of both.
My hope is that people viewing these artifacts can piece the story together. 
More images to come as they are uncovered.

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