Everything in the following images were captured in single exposures using light painting and long exposure techniques. This collection focuses landscape - urban and otherwise. Other albums will focus on portrait and conceptual imagery or bodies of work utilising light painting and other creative techniques.
These have all been captured digitally with a minimum of post work unless otherwise specified in the captions. 
The classic light painting tool LED Lenser V24 in action.
It's amazing what you can achieve with a bike wheel and some creativity.
Scene lit by steel-wool. 
A refrigerated shipping container converted to a sci-fi dream.
Some people sleep when they go camping.
Shot using a DIY hacked lens that allows me to shoot ultra wide with the ability to adjust the focal plane for tilt/shift effects. The Schiempflug principle.
A little stop-animation from a bunch of test shots.
Experimenting with concepts in light painting video.Assorted techniques in Lightroom.

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